Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year - new words – FREE Spring Clean

Every business starts a New Year with good intentions, fresh thoughts and a magic dust to sprinkle over colleagues, staff, clients and prospects.

I’ve been participating in a series of business development seminars with colleagues running SMEs in Kent (see: One of the recent exercises that caused much furrowing of brow was for each of us to refine our ‘elevator pitches’. The clash of benefits prevailing over values threw all into disarray as we tried to think on the part of our clients and customers, considering their views and needs as opposed to our intentions.

All positive stuff - as indeed are the benefits, thought provocation and pearls of wisdom derived from each monthly gathering.

So here we find ourselves starting yet another New Year with yet more fresh and invigorating ideas to carry us towards Easter.


How are we applying these sparks and how are we articulating our inspiration to others – staff and clients alike.

How fresh is your website – not the expensive side of its structure and functionality but the simple side of its message – THE WORDS … is it still singing from the same business hymn sheet?

So often the answer is NO.

The same goes for the packaging of your key and unique selling points; your standard mailings and responses to inbound enquiries … are your clients and prospective clients hearing (reading) the story as you wish to tell it now, today, in 2013?

Again, possibly not.


Put us to the test by meeting; you talk, we’ll listen and leave you; then we’ll give you a written assessment of your written presentation, your verbal summary and how we might re-articulate the proposition to fit your New Year glitter and goals.

This will cost you nothing and – you don’t have to do anything with the thoughts we then share.

But you never know … you just might use ASPIRUS to make accost effective difference to your business – now.

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Rodney Bashford

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