Monday, 19 November 2012

Orla Boylan (soprano) rehearses; Mo Farah (athlete) trains; Rodney Bashford (commercial writer) goes to business development seminars

Orla Boylan (soprano) rehearses; Mo Farah (athlete) trains; Rodney Bashford (commercial writer) goes to business development seminars including topics such as … copywriting.

Magic Moments:

Well, why not. My fellow delegates and I enjoyed the second of six Business Development Seminars from intime PROFIT. About twelve of us gathered around the boardroom table of a hosting company. Reeves of Chatham, Kent hosted the last one.

They are a firm of Accountants who themselves have a positive and innovative slant on Business Development. Their strap line is simply – business, tax, wealth. Probably one of the best Accountancy strap lines I’ve ever encountered and no, I didn’t write it.

For a long time I, like so many of you and so many of my clients, have had trouble summarising what it is I do and shoving it in the proverbial nutshell – the illusive elevator pitch or networkers’ 60 second intro can be so hard to define.

I came away from last week’s seminar with three or four inspired changing moments. Some came from the Seminar Leader David Mack. Equal value came from the comments and observation that punctuate the day, enthusiastic contributions from our colleagues around the table.

To come away with four or five ‘must do’s’ a month is perfect – that’s one a week, sufficient to make a difference because just the right number for a busy business to actually do something about.

Today, for me, the 60 second service summary. It looks a little like this:

I help businesses and organisations to identify – what it is they actually do – to identify their features and bottle their values.

I then articulate the message through the web, blogs, brochures, advertising and general correspondence – letters, e-mails and even tweets.

These are all written to deliver, not just the product / service values, but the core personality of the people and ethos behind the business - the ‘WHY’ that makes them different.

ASPIRUS Words is a commercial writing service that makes words work harder and businesses look sharper. Google  ASPIRUS Words  and you’ll see … it’s not just the right words that make the difference, it’s the wisdom behind them.

Hmmm … I like these Seminars.

Life is not all about blogging (though ther are a great CRM vehicle) but I would like to share some of the other blogsites currently written by ASPIRUS Words:

Plain English, plain speaking, pure correspondence. Words that work.
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