Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Your pitch - are you a ‘we’ or a ‘you’.

Your pitch - are you a ‘we’ or a ‘you’.

That’s to say, in your promotional materials – web, brochure, blog, e-mails, correspondence etc – do you wax lyrical about yourselves, your skills, your corporate longevity, the latest XY 31/B casting machine you have just installed and so on.

Or do you tell your audience, customers, prospects, readers how much they’ll benefit in terms of their own success, security, value, loyalty by buying the product or service from you.

[This as a 'we' copy example - but not quite. This landing page knows it is 'we we'ing' - but in order to emphasise the 'you' as you'll see below.]

There may well be a place and justification for corporate specifications to be stacked up and compared by the reader, but it’s not the headline, front page news you thought it was. You might be excited about your new XY31/B casting machine, but why should I be.

The lead proposition prospective clients want to know is – have you thought about us, the client, do you really know what we need? And why we need it? And how, with it, our lives / businesses will improve?

[Agreed, this is B2C, but there is no reason why B2B should ignore it - your prospects and customers are people too.]


Corporate websites, particularly B2B, are often overlooked linguistically. The message is too often ‘we’ ‘we’ ‘we’, set amongst a list of ISOs and professional associations. Yes, important, but it ‘docks the sale’ not ‘floats the boat’.

Most towns and cities have a particular street where all the estate Agents, Solicitors or Building Societies have offices / outlets. The Internet and the Inbox are the same. Drive past and try to spot the difference. Which do you choose? What distinguishes one from another?

Well it’s branding, headline, message.

Your branding is the ultimate corporate ‘we’. But your headline and proposition can change, pitch, consider, with that all important empathy turning the ‘we’ into the ‘you’.

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