Friday, 27 January 2012

A picture paints a thousand words – even my words.

At last, my National Geographic subscription arrived (Christmas gift to self) and I was able to thumb its inspiring pages. No page was more provoking than that portraying the art of Jason deCaires Taylor, an artist, diver and photographer based in Mexico.

He uses the clear tropical waters as the backdrop for installation art exhibiting life size sculptures of ‘real people performing contemporary acts’.

The figures are cast from coral-friendly pH-neutral marine concrete, which soon host sponges and corals in turn attracting fish and colourfully assorted symbiosis of sea life.

Art is a multi-dimensional expression of feeling, emotion and service.


Yes, why not - service?

Why shouldn’t business communication tug at the human side of your client’s make up?

A procurement department sits all day tasked to source sustainably effective dip moulded plastic caps and sleeves, solutions for masking and protecting components in finishing.

Board Directors meet to consider financially and tax efficient solutions to build and protect their collective and individual wealth.

Architects and building groups are looking for build partners to effect roofing strategies across their development programmes.

But they are all ‘people’. So why don’t we treat them as such and write more personality into our CRM – our business communication strategy. Write to set yourself apart from the hungry competition.

Take this blog for example. Baited with a sickening headline, pictures of fish, an SEO-friendly video – and a few well chosen words (that is what I do after all), and I have a simple excuse to re-canvass my database.

The blog is like a crossbow bolt to fire by e-mail across the desks of those I hope to do business with, if not now, then at some time in the future. I sincerely hope that includes you.

Please call me - 02476 609 104

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