Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Communicate to Motivate: WORDS – a NEW SERVICE from 'ASPIRUS Words'

A Travel based Incentive can’t really work as hard as it should unless it is sold to the sales force. They need to learn about the destination and be inspired by the buzz of participation that winning a place will mean, so that it truly motivates additional net effort and sales.

So - packaging, writing and communicating the benefits is as important as sourcing the right destination and building an inspired itinerary.

In this the era of diversification and playing to strengths, we are pleased to announce the launch of ASPIRUS Words:


Thanks to 20 years in Direct Response Marketing & Advertising, Direct and CRM Communication, the skills used to package and sell global destinations as incentives is now available outside of this arena.

The media base to talk to your staff and / or customer base is now broader than ever. The corporate message may well be singular, but the words that package it should change from medium to medium, to best fit their environment:

B2B and B2C both must understand the social networking opportunities enveloping contemporary and traditional communication platforms.

ASPIRUS Words offers the opportunity to out-source or in-source this copywriting skill. The service is available for Incentive, Travel and general corporate communication tasks. Use it project-based or retained to manage communication continuum.
  • From long copy letters to bulleted KSPs;
  • wistful brochure copyline to technical operating procedures;  
  • hand-holding click click action through the website; 
  • new ways with old words on the blog;
  • even e-mails need to say what you mean so the reader does what you want them to;
  • and when it comes to fine tuning the task to 140 meaningful characters ... the Tweet is on (73).

copy that counts
words that work

now available from ASPIRUS Words 

call Rodney Bashford on 02476 609 104





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