Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Wonderful Wonderful - the varsatility of corporately accessible COPENHAGEN

Hamlet’s life would have been less of a tragedy if Shakespeare had only been able to look to the future and see life in 21st century Copenhagen, as it is today.

Ooosing cosmopolitan cool with its theatrical back-drop of copper towers and spires, Copenhagen is a city of easy living, filled with cafés, restaurants, museums, fountains, statues and squares, all humoured by playful street musicians and colourful performers.

No princely rage amid a life of treachery, incest, revenge and corrupt morals could befit the bard’s pen today. Author and subject would be intoxicated with joy, tasting the latest cocktail at Ruby’s, dining at the Michelin Starred Herman Restaurant or experiencing taste-busting New Nordic cuisine at Noma.

The Prince would most definitely have found a more suiting bride simply by hanging out in the bars and café of the Meat Packing district or waterside at Nyhaven docks. The city is surrounded by water, threaded with canals and hugged by the sea - the maritime atmosphere is indelible and at night the centre is illuminated by the 100,000 glittering lights of Tivoli Gardens.

Residents of the ancient Kingdom of Denmark hung up their horned helmets and shored their longboats long ago and now invest their energies in cutting edge design. Copenhagen is one of Europe’s exciting centres of contemporary art, modern architecture and stylish living.

A word foremost in Danish minds is hyggelige meaning cosy. Hyggelige is reflected in the ambiance, furnishing and character of just about every hotel, bar and restaurant whose warmth and welcome is all part of the unique Danish sense of wellbeing and conviviality.

As an Incentive Travel destination, Copenhagen is possibly one of the most versatile short haul cities in Europe.

According to GQ Magazine, Copenhagen is one of the best places to laze away the day in one (or several) of its many al fresco restaurants and bars.

It’s easy to get to, easy to get to know and easy to get around. The range of hotels and variety of à la carte entertainment make it as fitting a venue for three hundred chaps on an unaccompanied bean feast as it is smaller ‘sophisticated’ crème de la crème staying with partners.

Two favourite hotels are l’Angleterre which stands proudly in its central location on the King’s New Square near the north end of Stroget pedestrian street where boutiques cafes and restaurants abound.

Regarded as Copenhagen's Grande Dame, this 250 year old mansion has housed everyone from Hans Christian Anderson to Michael Jackson. 
If you want no more than a dozen luxurious rooms, we can use the Nimb hotel whose features are as iconic to Copenhagen as Tivoli Gardens which each room overlooks.

Sit in front of your own open fire nursing a fine old cognac and look out over her sparkle, fun and endless frolics.

There is so much to do that groups can spend a fun-filled, successful time with a light informal itinerary, which delivers effectiveness from an ‘informal budget’.

But to formalise an action-packed dawn till dusk itin followed by group dining in a variety of restaurants with a fantasia of entertaining accompaniment is a question of choice, there being so very much to see and do.

For such a stylish city, why not arrive in style. From the airport it is five minutes to the small harbour village of Dragor where we board a beautiful square rigged wooden schooner.

En route the group is entertained by accordion players and served a Danish buffet lunch washed down with the first aquavit of many.

What an arrival. What a city.

In the words of Danny Kaye – wonderful wonderful:

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Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

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