Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sales Force Motivation – recruit, retain, achieve.

Our small group adjourned to the more motivational atmosphere of Balls Brothers across the road to continue our discussions over a glass or two of Czechoslovakian beer. Ah, there you have the crux already. Was offering to buy the MD and FD of this Financial Sector client 'the incentive' that made them join me, or was the convivial atmosphere within which to work, 'their motivatiom'?

Strategically, for us to continue good and long term relations, the answer is both. I could just offer and incentive "...come and have a beer...", but that just leaves one with a series of short-term interests who'll move on for the next free beer when it's offered.

Put this back into the my clients seeking a confident solution to staff turnover problems and on-target sales achievement. Now you begin to see why the incentive alone is not the answer.

Yes - incentivising money-making staff is crucial, but it only solves the strategic problem when wrapped snugly in the corporate blanket of Motivation.

Consider Motivation as a strategic management tool as if it were the Black Box on an aeroplane. It's not something you think about whilst everything is running smoothly, but you'll go to the ends of the earth or depths of the ocean to find it if something goes wrong.

Its components and applications depend entirely upon the business, its goals and the people within it whose efforts are employed to achieve those goals. We can consider here briefly, some of the tools and applications that square the Motivation circle. Just how they build into your own operations is tailored uniquely to that operational mix.

The goals:

Recruit the right people.
Retain the best.
Facilitate Mentoring, and
Achieve corporate goals.

The components:

Who. Understand your players and be seen to understand them.
Communicate. An effective internal CRM is essential and its simplicity core to its success.
Join Forces. Make sure that your goals become their goals also.
Mentor. Use your staff to develop and encourage your staff.
Travel. As a truly motivational incentive, Travel delivers the platform for so many of the key factors above.
Reward. Even in the most money-motivated world, Thank You still works.

Thank you.

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